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SafeSend Returns



Tracey S. Peters CPA offers electronic tax return delivery through SafeSend Returns. This system provides our clients with a simple, easy-to-use process for securely reviewing and e-signing their tax return documents. SafeSend Returns is the only electronic system that automates the Assembly, Delivery, Tracking, and Receipt of tax returns.

THE BENEFITS OF SafeSend Returns

Tax Returns are Delivered Securely and With Ease:

SafeSend Returns allows us to deliver your return securely and walks you through the steps of downloading and saving the PDF of your tax return to your device or you can receive your tax return via secure email.

For Individuals:

SafeSend Returns saves you time and allows you to e-sign your 1040 and 540, receive estimated tax reminder emails, and pay your taxes and your invoice directly from your device.

For Businesses:

SafeSend Returns saves you time and allows you to e-sign your 1040 and 540, receive estimated tax reminder emails, and pay your taxes and your invoice directly from your device.

Environmentally Safe:

SafeSend Returns is another way to go green. No more ink, postage or paper which is great for our planet and future generations to come.

Client Benefits:

  • Electronically sign, save, and print your tax documents

  • Access your tax documents for up to 7 years

  • Electronically access your payment vouchers and receive email reminders of payments due

  • Forward your tax documents to bankers and professional advisors via a secure email link

  • Access SafeSend Returns from your computer, smartphone, or tablet

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SafeSend Process: Individual Returns

Step 1

Receive an email from (be sure to add this email address to your contacts or safe list to ensure it does not go to your spam or junk mail folder).

Step 2

Click on the secure link to access your tax return.

Step 3

Complete the identity verification questions to review and complete your tax return.

Step 4

Electronically sign and return your Federal and State E-File Authorization Forms.

SafeSend Process: Business Returns

Step 1

Receive an email from (be sure to add this email address to your contacts or safe list to ensure it does not go to your spam or junk mail folder).

Step 2

Click the secure link to access your tax return. Select 'request access code'. Then enter the code received by email.

Step 3

Review and download your documents, and distribute K1s.

Step 4

Print and sign your e-File Forms, and return them to Tracey S. Peters CPA via SafeSend or mail them.

  • Q: Can I schedule an initial meeting to learn more about your services?
    At this point we are only accepting new clients if you have estate or trust related tax needs or if you come via a referral.
  • Q: What should I bring to my first appointment?
    A: It will depend on what you want us to do for you. As a tax client, we will want to see copies of your most recently filed income tax returns – preferably the last 3 years. If you are a new business client, we will also want to see copies of your most recent financial statements. Depending on the type of engagement we are undertaking, we may also want to see your wills and estate plans, business agreements, insurance documents, investment and bank statements, employee benefit statements, divorce or separation agreement, and anything else you think might be relevant. We will make a list of additional items needed after the first meeting. Please look at our Pre-Appointment Checklist for more info.
  • Q: What is the turnaround time for my tax return(s)?
    A: We accept client tax information on a first-in first-out basis each year. Our work flow provides a faster turn-around time the earlier information is received. We strive to analyze and process all returns in a timely manner and will always keep clients abreast of the status of their work. If we cannot complete the return by April 15th we will file an extension.
  • Q: Can I drop off my tax information any time?
    A; Yes. We do request however that you contact us to schedule a brief meeting to discuss your material.
  • Q: How do you ensure data security?
    A: We understand the importance of keeping your data secure. We store all of our data in the cloud; none of your data will be stored on servers, computers or laptops that can be easily stolen or made inaccessible. Our storage is managed by a firm that is solely focused on data storage for CPA firms in an SOC compliant data center. We have significant controls over our data with reliable 24/7 access and support. Backups are conducted daily to a separate offsite secure center to ensure we don’t lose your important information due to an unexpected disaster.
  • Q: Do you provide year-round service?
    A: We are here for you twelve months a year, not just during tax season. Whether you have a simple tax question, need advice on the tax implications of a business decision, or want clarification on a government notice, feel free to give us a call 410.418.9111.
  • Q: What are your hours of operation?
    A; We are available during normal business hours, 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We will consider making special arrangements for an appointment outside of normal business hours if necessary.
  • Q: Can your firm help me with tax returns in states other than Maryland?
    A: Yes. We have individual and business clients located across the USA and in other countries.
  • Q: Can you help me obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)?
    A: Yes. We are an Acceptance Agent for the Internal Revenue Service. We can help you obtain an ITIN and provide you with guidance on related tax and/or business issues.
  • Q: I am starting a new business. Can your firm help me?
    A: Yes. We can help you choose the optimal business entity type as well as help you identify and deal with the numerous technical, tax and strategic issues that you are facing.
  • Q: Can you help me with my QuickBooks® accounting software?
    A; Yes. We provide support for the QuickBooks software package. With QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisors on staff, we can provide troubleshooting as well as training sessions to help you use QuickBooks more efficiently and maximize all the benefits it provides.
  • Q: Do you outsource your tax preparation services?
    A; No. Our philosophy is to offer our clients individualized, comprehensive tax preparation services. To accomplish this, we feel that our clients are better served by in-house tax preparation.
  • Q: What documentation should I be looking for each tax year?
    A: Early in each tax year we prepare and distribute the following documents to all our individual clients and businesses for their attention. We prepare customized 1040 (Individual), 1041 (Fiduciary), 1065 (Partnership/LLC), and 1120/1120S (Corporate) Engagement Letters according to your tax status. Go to our Documents page to download them. These documents include: 1) Engagement Letter: Print, sign, and either mail it back to us or scan it and upload it into your portal (ALL clients get this file) 2) Stimulus Form: Most taxpayers received a Federal “Stimulus Check” or “Economic Impact Payment” from the Federal government for the 2020 tax year. As your tax preparer we are required to reconcile your payment to determine if you are owed any additional payment 3) Tax Organizer or 5-page set of tax questions: Print, complete, and either mail it back to us or scan it and upload it into your portal (business and fiduciary accounts DO NOT get this file) 4) Year End Client Letter: This is your copy – do not return it to us (business and fiduciary accounts DO NOT get this file)
  • Q: What is a Tax Organizer?
    A; Our Tax Organizer is a great tool for our clients to gather and organize their tax data each tax year. It is a PDF file consisting of pages mirroring IRS tax forms, thereby allowing for easy data entry. Each client receives a custom Organizer built from their prior tax return. It contains prior-year tax data, providing a basis for new-year data. Upon completion, this document can be printed out. New clients recieve a blank Organizer. Go to our Documents page to download a sample Organizer. It is not mandatory for clients to complete this document - clients may request to not receive it.
  • Q: Do I need to complete a Tax Organizer?
    A: No. It is not mandatory for clients to complete this document - clients may request to not receive it.
  • Q: What is your secure portal and why is it so important?
    A: Our online portal is a browser-based tool offering a very secure way to share and collaborate electronically with our clients. We typically don't email or fax any document or file that may contain any hint of sensitive professional or personal information. In our highly visible, technologically open business world we live in today, we encourage ALL our clients who have an email address to please use our portal to share documentation with us. Go to our Client Portal page for more info and to log in.
  • Q: How do I access my client portal?
    A; Go our Client Portal page to log in. All logins require an email address and password. Please contact us if you need your password reset.
  • Q: I've forgotten my portal password. Can I get it reset?
    A: Yes. Simply call us at 410-418-9111 and we'll be happy to send you a link to reset it.
  • Q: What if I don’t receive an email with my access code?
    A: Check your spam or junk email folders. If you don’t enter the code within the 10-minute time limit, request another.
  • Q: I have questions. Who do I contact?
    A: Tracey S. Peters CPA! Please contact us and we’ll follow up with you. You can also call us at 410.418.9111.
  • Q: What about my source documents? What happens to them?
    A: For hard copy documents, we will return those in a separate mailing. You can also stop by and pick up the documents next time you are in the office. For digital documents that we collect, will will attach those as a PDF file in SafeSend for you to download.
  • Q: I've received a notice from the IRS. What should I do?
    A: If you are a client of ours, please fax (410-313-9875) or email a copy of the notice to our office as soon as possible. If we prepared your return, quite often the notice can be easily resolved with no adverse effects. We may ask you to sign a Form 2848, Power of Attorney, such that we may discuss the situation directly with the IRS on your behalf. If we did not prepare your return, we will be glad to assist you in resolving the problem as quickly and favorably as possible. We will need you to sign a Form 2848, Power of Attorney, and provide us with copies of the tax return as filed with supporting documentation. If you are being audited, we can also represent you before the IRS. >>> ALL IRS CORRESPONDENCE SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!
  • Q: I received an email from the IRS stating I owe money. Is this legitimate?
    A: Absolutely not! The IRS NEVER uses email to correspond with a taxpayer. Please view any email from an "IRS" email as a scam and disregard. Call us with any questions (410-418-9111).
  • Q: My identity may have been stolen. What should I do?
    A: Unfortunately this is a problem increasing in frequency. Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund. Generally, an identity thief will use your SSN to file a false return early in the year. You may be unaware you are a victim until you try to file your taxes and learn one already has been filed using your SSN. Be alert to possible identity theft if you receive an IRS notice or letter that states that: - More than one tax return was filed using your SSN; - You owe additional tax, refund offset or have had collection actions taken against you for a year you did not file a tax return; - IRS records indicate you received wages from an employer unknown to you. Call us immeditaly so that we make take the appropriate action: - Respond immediately to any IRS notice; - Complete IRS Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit; - Coach you to pay your taxes and file your tax return, even if you must do so by paper.
  • Q: How can I pay my fee?
    We of course accept checks. We also offer a FREE service to our clients to pay their fee with a credit card (AMEX, Visa, Master Card, Discover) or PayPal. Go to our Pay Your Fee page for more info.
  • Q: What is your fee structure?
    A: We get this question often. Since we offer a full range of services we've found it best not to operate under a predefined fee structure. We assess each client separately to determine the magnitude and complexity of the work involved and give each client a hard fee estimate. For businesses, we offer quarterly payment plans. We can tailor a plan for your budget.
  • Q: Will I be charged for phone calls or email correspondence?
    A: No. We want you to stay informed and ask questions before you act.
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